SHIFAA NUTRITION is a halal brand that you can trust. We strive for quality and customer satisfaction.

Not only our product contains HALAL ingredients, but all our products are NATURAL and HALAL CERTIFIED as well. 

Our products are HALAL certified by ISA (ISLAMIC SERVICES OF AMERICA). 

ISA upholds the Halal certification standards, protocols, rules and regulations that are monitored and/or enforced by the international Halal governing Authorities and is a founding member of the World Halal Food Council.

ISA is one of the pioneers to establish HALAL certification authority in the USA, and due to its quality certification standards, ISA's halal certification is accepted Internationally as well. 

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Excellent daily energy boost!

Wonderful and natural. No ups and downs. Have been taking this daily for about 2-1/2 months and have had a noticeable change in attitude over time to positive outlook 95% of the time. Taking it each day with my one-a-day vitamin and it keeps me smooth and happy all day, but because it's all natural, it's a good thing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Very good product

Best fiber supplement that I have tried. Works gently,

Halal Multivitamin Gummies for Adults | 45 Days Supply | Halal Vitamins | SHIFAA NUTRITION

Halal Vitamin D Gummies | Vitamin D3 2000 IU | 45 Days Supply | Halal Vitamins | SHIFAA NUTRITION

Shifaa Nutrition Elderberry Gummies

I got to try a full size bottle of this SHIFAA NUTRITION Elderberry Gummies and both my husband and I liked these. I really don't know how well they worked because I was still having a runny stuffy nose, and a cough but I want to believe these help me from getting sicker so I will buy a bottle of these again! I am around small babies alot so I'm guessing I stay semi sick from them because toddlers are germy! Yes I recommend these! Im also guessing allergies or seasonal allergies but I never got full blown sick.