Biotin and its Advantages

Biotin which is also known as Vitamin B7 is the supplement that converts food into energy with B complex vitamins. The use of Biotin can regulate your Blood Sugar, protect your hair, skin, and nails, etc. It is found in foods like eggs, milk, and fruits. 


Major Health Benefits of Biotin 

      1. Reduces Hair Loss 

Biotin boosts your keratin and increases the growth of your hair by improving hair growth cells. To make your hair stronger and more resistant to falling out, Biotin must be consumed regularly.     

      2.Supports  Nail Strengthening

On top of improving your hair and skin, Biotin can also strengthen your nails. Research indicates that after taking biotin regularly, your nails can thicken up to 25% as well as reduce nail splitting and breakage.

     3. Treats Dry or Scaly Skin

Vitamin B7 can heal dead skin cells and is responsible for metabolizing fat, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

     4. Improves Digestion and Energy Levels

One body process greatly affected by Biotin is the breaking down of Macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) meaning better digestion. Since Biotin makes the digestive system more efficient at breaking down macronutrients, regular users can see a rise in their energy levels.

     5.Supports Muscles and Joint Longevity

B Vitamins are essential for repairing damaged muscle tissues and promoting the growth of new tissues. Biotin in particular can help muscles and joints by reducing inflammation, aches, and pains by increasing immune cells.

    6. Protects Your Brain

Biotin, like the other B Complex Vitamins, keeps your nervous system running seamlessly by assisting with neurotransmitter activity and nerve signaling. Our Biotin gummies work to protect your brain, improve your memory, and help to reduce the risk of cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders.

    7. Promotes Thyroid Function

Biotin is necessary for proper thyroid function, as well as for the regulation of sleep, hunger, energy, and pain. Our Biotin Gummies can help with thyroid regulation if your body is having trouble controlling these basic functions, or if you are experiencing weight gain, insomnia, or constant fatigue.

    8. Supports Pregnancy

Around half of women in the United States may have low levels of biotin during pregnancy, mostly because vitamins break down faster for pregnant women. This means that Biotin supplementation can be a great way to maintain proper levels of Vitamin B7.

How to get These Benefits in a Delicious Gummy?

If you want all the benefits listed above with a Candy-Like delicious taste of Biotin, our potent and unique formula is the only way to go. Click here to read more about our Biotin Gummies. Our gummies are non-sticky on teeth, made with fruit flavors and colors.

Dosage Details Of Our Biotin Gummies

SHIFAA NUTRITION All-Natural Biotin Gummies are not manufactured with Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Milk, Egg, Gelatin, Peanut, Dairy, or Shellfish. These are free from Junk, Fillers, Preservatives, Binders, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Artificial Ingredients. Our Gummy Vitamins are Alcohol-free, Pork-free, Vegetarian Friendly, Keto Friendly, and contain Halal Ingredients.

These are easy to chew with an incredibly tasty Strawberry Flavor.

Suitable for Age: 2 Years or Above 

Serving Size: 90 Gummies Per Container | 1 Gummy Daily For Kids | 2 Gummies Daily For Adults | 90 Days supply for Kids | 45 Days of Supply for Adults 

Directions: Use 2 Gummies daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed 3 gummies daily.

SHIFAA NUTRITION is committed to providing High-Quality Halal Vitamins, Proteins, Sports Nutrition, and other Nutritional Products to its Customers.

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