Halal Omega 3 and DHA

About Omegas and DHA


Omega-3 are essential fatty acids are essential for overall human health, but they can only be obtained through food or supplements because a body cannot produce them.


Omega-6 are also essential fatty acids primarily used for energy and have shown benefits in treating symptoms of chronic diseases. Like Omega-3, they can only be obtained through food or supplements because a body cannot produce them.


Omega-9 fats are non-essential fats, which means they can be produced by the body. However, diet and supplements containing Omega-9 may provide benefits for metabolic health.


DHA is a type of Omega-3. Brain, cerebral cortex, skin, and retina structures contain DHA in high amounts.


Fish Oil vs Omega-3 and DHA

Fish oil contains Omega 3 and DHA, but fish oil is not the only source for them. For example, Omega 3 can also be obtained from plants, nut oils, English walnuts, flaxseed, algae oils, and fortified foods.

Benefits of Omega-3 and DHA

Numerous studies have suggested benefits of Omegas and DHA. Some of them are-

Promotes Heart Health

Omega-3 can:

Increase "good" HDL cholesterol.

Reduce triglycerides

Reduce blood pressure

Reduce the formation of arterial plaques

Reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke.

Brain Support

Not only DHA boosts brain power and memory, but it is also called Brain Supplement For Kids, it also makes up about 8% of brain weight and extremely important for brain development and body functions. Omega-3s are essential for the brain development of babies.

Reduce symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis

Omega-3s can curb stiffness and joint pain and also see to boost the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Cancer Prevention

Studies have found that Omega-3 may help in prevention risk of Cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids help in reducing body inflammation and many cancers have been linked to chronic inflammation.

In a study, experts have found people eating five or more servings a week had a 64% lower risk of prostate cancer. Omega-3 can also help in preventing Vitamin Deficiency Diseases.

Improve bone health

People with higher intake of Omega-3 maintain better bone density which results in better bone health. Follow the links to find

Helps Reduce Depression

Researchers have found that people who eat a high level of Omega-3s have lower depression levels.

Wellbeing before and after pregnancy

A large amount of DHA is accumulated during the last in the utero trimester and the first year of life. DHA helps support general health and wellbeing before and after pregnancy.

Helps Patients undergoing Major Surgeries

Studies have found that patients given the standard feed (without omega 3) suffered clinically severe weight loss post surgery - losing an average of 4 lbs of muscle mass post surgery, whereas patients given with food with omega 3 maintained all aspects of their body composition.


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