Health Benefits Of Calcium And Magnesium

Calcium and Magnesium are two Minerals that are Essential for a variety of Biological Functions. Although they are found naturally in a variety of foods, many people take supplements to enhance their intake. Humans require Calcium to Form and Maintain Strong Bones, as well as to Maintain Proper Communication between the Brain and the Body. Magnesium is Involved in more than 300 Enzyme Activities in the Human Body. Its several functions include Helping with Muscle and Brain Function, Blood Pressure Regulation, and Immune System Support.

Major Health Benefits Of Calcium & Magnesium

 1- Supports Bone Health

Calcium and Magnesium Support Bone Health in a variety of ways. Calcium is the Most Abundant Mineral in your Bones, which Holds more than 99% of the Calcium in your Body. It is Necessary for Bone Development, Growth, and Maintenance, so it is Essential to Ingest a Suitable Amount of this Mineral on a Daily Basis. Magnesium may Benefit Bone Health both directly and indirectly as it Helps to Control Calcium and Vitamin D levels, both of which are Essential for Bone Health.

 2- Supports Cardiovascular System

Calcium is Essential for Blood Coagulation. Its role in the Muscular System involves Keeping the Cardiac Muscle Inactive and Relaxing the Smooth Muscle that Surrounds Blood Vessels. Magnesium is Essential for a Good Heart Rhythm because it is Involved in the Movement of other Electrolytes into Cells, such as Calcium and Potassium. These Electrolytes are Essential for Nerve Transmissions and Muscle Contractions during a Regular Heartbeat.

 3- Boosts Metabolism

Magnesium Scts as a Cellular "Battery" with ATP to Convert Energy from Food and Coordinate Cell Respiration, as well as to Boost the Cellular Energy required for Workouts. Calcium Causes Minor Increases in the Body's Core Temperature that may Enhance Metabolism, Prompting our Bodies to Burn more Fat.

 4- Maintains Blood Pressure

Calcium is Essential for Maintaining Appropriate Blood Pressure because it Allows Blood Vessels to Tighten and Relax as needed. Magnesium may Help Lower Blood Pressure by Increasing the Production of Nitric Oxide, a Signaling Molecule that Aids in the Relaxation of Blood Vessels.

 5- Supports Nervous System 

Calcium, along with Magnesium, Aids in the Nourishment of the Nervous System and the Reduction of Stress, Panic Attacks, Restlessness, and Irritability. Magnesium has long been known for its Nervous System Relaxing Qualities, and it is also Used to Relax Tight or Overworked Muscles.

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