Black Seed Oil And Its Health Benefits

Black Seeds are also known as Black Onion Seeds, Black Caraway, and Black Cumin Seeds. They come from the Nigella Sativa plant, which can be found in Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East. Black Seed Oil has a long list of health benefits and some people think of it as a first-line treatment for a variety of health problems.

Major Benefits of Black Seed Oil 

 1-Skin And Hair Support

The Black Seed Oil contains Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidants ingredients that neutralize free radicals in your body. As a result, It diminishes fine lines, fights acne, unclogs pores, fades dark spots, leaving the skin looking young and healthy due to its Antibacterial nature. Our Black Seed Oil capsules have Nigellone and Thymoquinone reagents, which assist in hair regrowth.

 2-Promotes Liver Health

The Liver works for many things in your body as it removes toxins, produces Biles, and processes fats. The Black Seed Oil contains Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory properties that support Liver health.

3-Improves Metabolism & Blood Sugar Levels

Metabolic systems may not work properly for those people who take Insulin or have digestive issues. Our Black Seed Oil capsules decrease the amount of Blood Sugar from your body and enhance the level of available Insulin in your body. 

 4- Helps With Weight Management

Our Black Seed Oil decreases your cravings, improves your digestion, and can decrease your BMI. 

 5-Supports Immune System and Heart Health

Black Seed Oil has the special ability to heal bacterial infections, and can stimulate your Immune System to reduce the infected cells by increasing the production of antibodies. Studies have shown if Black Seed Oil is taken over 2 months on a daily basis it can help in maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

 6-Reduces Infertility

According to studies, Black Seed Oil increases sperm count and assists sperm swim faster. Antioxidants in the Oil are thought to preserve sperm from damage.

How To Get All These Benefits In A  Pill

If you want all the benefits listed above but don’t like the bitter and spicy taste attributed to Black Seed Oil, then our potent and amazing capsules are for you.

Click here to read more about our Black Seed Oil Capsules 

These capsules neither have the taste or smell, are portable, and easy to ingest.

Dosage Details of Our Black Seed Oil

Our all-natural Black Seed Oil Capsules are 100% Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Peanut Free, Non-GMO, and are certified Halal. Free from fillers, preservatives, binders, Shelf artificial ingredients. 

Suitable for Age: This Product is only for Adults

Serving Size: 2 Capsule per serving | 90 capsules | 45 servings per container(1000mg of Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil)

Directions: Take 2 Easy To Swallow  Liquid Filled Capsules Daily Preferably with Meals or As Directed By A Healthcare Professional

 SHIFAA NUTRITION is committed to providing high-quality Halal vitamins, proteins, sports nutrition, and other nutritional products to its customers. Our Black seed oil Capsules contain 100% Alcohol-free, Pork-free and Halal Ingredients.

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29 reviews
Kid likes them, amazing customer service

These seem to help my 7 year old with being a little calmer and more focused. He says they taste good and asked for them every day. Each time I’ve ordered the order is processed and shipped incredibly quickly!

Excellent daily energy boost!

Wonderful and natural. No ups and downs. Have been taking this daily for about 2-1/2 months and have had a noticeable change in attitude over time to positive outlook 95% of the time. Taking it each day with my one-a-day vitamin and it keeps me smooth and happy all day, but because it's all natural, it's a good thing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Very good product

Best fiber supplement that I have tried. Works gently,

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