Vitamin C And Its Advantages

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is involved in the formation, growth, and repair of all Body Tissues and can only be acquired from food. It is found in citrus fruits, berries, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and spinach. Vitamin C is involved in several bodily functions including Collagen Production, Iron Absorption, Immune System Function, Wound Healing, and Maintenance of a Strong Skeletal System.

Major Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

 1- Improves Immunity & Uric Acid Levels

Vitamin C may improve Immunity by aiding White Blood cells to work more effectively, which increases your Skin's Defensive System and helps Wounds Heal more quickly. Supplementation of Vitamin C has been linked to reduced Uric Acid levels in the Blood and a lower risk of Gout.

 2- Supports Heart Health 

Vitamin C supplements may reduce risk factors for Heart Disease, such as High LDL (bad) Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and Unhealthy Triglyceride levels in the Blood.

 3Enhances Iron Absorption

Through the supplementation of Vitamin C, we are able to Absorb Iron more efficiently from the food we eat, especially from poor sources like Vegetarian Food. It bonds to Non-Heme Iron and stores it in a form that your body may easily absorb which may help lower the risk of Iron Deficiency. 

4Supports Skin Health

Vitamin C is an Antioxidant, which means it protects Skin Cells from Free Radical damage caused by UV Radiation. It also Reduces Melanin Formation in the Skin, which helps in the Reduction of Darkening and Brown Spots, and keeps your Skin Tone Even and Radiant.

5Reduces Stress

Vitamin C helps to reduce stress by allowing the body to quickly clear away Cortisol, a Stress Hormone that raises Blood Sugar Levels.

 6- Protects Against Seasonal Ailments

Seasonal Ailments such as the Flu, Common Cold, Runny Nose, Coughs, Congestion, Sneezing, and Sinus Issues can be protected against with the use of Vitamin C.

 7- Protects Memory

Low levels of Vitamin C have been associated with an Increased Risk of Memory Loss and Neurodegenerative Diseases such as Dementia, whereas proper intake has been found to be a Protective Effect on Thinking and Memory as you age.

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Kid likes them, amazing customer service

These seem to help my 7 year old with being a little calmer and more focused. He says they taste good and asked for them every day. Each time I’ve ordered the order is processed and shipped incredibly quickly!

Excellent daily energy boost!

Wonderful and natural. No ups and downs. Have been taking this daily for about 2-1/2 months and have had a noticeable change in attitude over time to positive outlook 95% of the time. Taking it each day with my one-a-day vitamin and it keeps me smooth and happy all day, but because it's all natural, it's a good thing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Very good product

Best fiber supplement that I have tried. Works gently,

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